David Drazul

Armistice Day

Armistice DayD.C. nuked.
Manhattan abandoned after a bioterrorist attack.
The world in the throes of World War Three.

And then they showed up.

The Krendorian Empire told us they staged this intervention for our own good. Whether we wanted their help or not, they were here to stay.

Armistice Day is at hand. With the signing of the treaty, Earth will be welcomed into the empire to reap the benefits of Imperial investment, interstellar trade and advanced technology.

But not everyone wants Earth to join the empire.

Aaron Osborne, a consultant hired to provide security at the Armistice Day Ceremony, stumbles upon a plot to wreck the peace and rekindle the war. As he fights to prevent the worst from happening, Aaron is forced to accept help from anyone he can, including the alien responsible for his best friend's death.

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Critical Praise:
"Armistice Day is a fast-paced action adventure, but one with solid character development."

"With Armistice Day, Drazul has delivered a debut novel that anybody should be proud of, and something that's an example of the good that can be self-publishing." —Review by POD People.

"Armistice Day is not just an excuse for action, the story is informed by a surprisingly sophisticated appreciation of conquest politics, revealing it to be a world of secret games played by the Empire in order to subdue the conquered for their own good." —Review by The New PODler Review of Books.