Coreward Progression of Virus
Survey Results

Back in November 1998, I sent out a survey questionnaire to the TNE-RCES mailing list (and to people not on the mailing list) to see what their replies to a few questions about the coreward progression of Virus would be. I saved the replies and sat on them. Life's been a bit busy so I haven't had a chance to tabulate them until now (~5/00).

I appreciate all of the responses that I got. Rather than reply yes or no, people replied with explanations to their answers. For the sake of brevity, I filtered the responses down to something "tabular" so that I could present it here.

  1. How far coreward through Vargr space does Virus proceed?
    50%All of Vargr space
    50%Not past the densely populated areas

  2. Why does it stop?
    I typically got multiple replies from people. Therefore, I have listed the percentage of people who listed the cause as a factor.
    70%Sparse Settlements/Low Tech.
    30%More interested in activities at Core/Black Curtain.
    20%Computer compatibility.
    20%Zhodani & Vargr Quarantine.
    20%It doesn't stop.
    10%Infighting among strains.
    10%Anti-Virus Viral Infection.
    10%Empress Wave.

  3. Given that the Consulate extends a couple of sectors coreward, does Virus head far enough spinward to encounter the Zhodani Consulate?

    100% said yes.

  4. Does the fact that the Zhos are in the midst of Civil War (whether you believe in the Empress Wave or not, they are having problems) impede their ability to maintain their borders from infestation?
    20%No idea

If you did not participate in the survey and would like to, feel free to your replies to these questions. Please, no flames about how much you dislike TNE, Virus, etc.