WINDHORN Subsector O: Imperial era data as of 001-1120.

Subsector Map - 1120

World Name HEX UWP BS Trade PPG AL Stellar
Athazurrg1731D300345-7  Va Ni Lo701VnM1V
Vaengogza1732C41056B-9  Ni212VnM3V
Igvaellrarr1736B300551-B  Va Ni M:2103VnM7V
Voenggaks1738A775A7B-DG Hi In Cp M:0102VnG5V
Thouragz1831C556522-9  Ag Ni501VnG2V
Aetouza1832D762663-4C Ni O:1833101VnK0V
Thakhats1833A5828AE-A   503VnK1V
Kasukfog1834A77A646-CG Wa Aq Ni412VnK7V M7V
Akaegughgvarz1838B889543-A  Ni M:1503VnG0V
Roetingaz1840B530576-DG De Po Ni M:0313VnM0V M1V
Dhounglling1931C200436-8  Va Ni701VnM2V
Gugonru1932C3106AA-A  Ni Na723VnM3V M8V
Ourrangaell1937D776564-7  Ag Ni435VnF9V M5V
Zourrgsoegh1938C000555-CC As Va Ni M:1812VnF7V
Uekgngig2031A6939CC-AG Hi In113VnK5V
Zekusgha2034D8A9223-8C Fl Ni Lo M:3403V7G3V
Dzozoell2038BA5A544-DC Wa Aq Ni M:1311VnK6V
Suthgzu2040D544543-6C Ag Ni M:0404VnM2V M2V
Llaktsekh2134B67577A-A  Ag M:1103V7K1V
Rroeghae2140A7756BC-AG Ag Ni504VnA7V
Aergzuedz2231B310555-B  Ni103V7M5V
Ugzoulloe2232A743ABA-C  Hi In113V7G2V M2V
Aegnukhghaka2233C8759AF-8C Hi In305V7G2V
Dhanguerr2234A68A97B-BG Wa Hi M:0211V7K7V
Voedzlloer2335D977587-7  Ag Ni801V7K3V
Ghaezaenraerz2336C4A0211-BC De Ni Lo101V7G5 IV  M7V
Etsgagh2337C400551-BG Va Ni632V7M3V
Saeksokh2434B310779-BG Na222V7M3V
Llaeghullouk2435C200474-8C Va Ni M:0503V7M5V D

Subsector Notes:

UWP Modifications: Subsector History:

The Uekgngig Authority was a small state of jump-1 connected worlds that formed in the early years of the Third Imperium. The worlds had largely been abandoned when corsairs harried the Human splinter state that had formed in the waning days of the Rule of Man. Once corsairs lost interest, vargr colonists moved in. The close proximity of the worlds made interstellar trade easy enough that they could keep their capital investments down while working on growing their economies. Trade agreements led to defensive pacts, which led to a formal governing agreement, led by Uekgngig (2031), between the worlds.

While individual worlds could govern themselves as they saw fit, it was an authoritarian regime, based on Uekgngig, that called the shots. And if a UA law conflicted with a local law, the UA superseded the local one. Dissent was not tolerated.

When Ngath came calling with plans for a Confederation, the promise of access to more markets and collective security was an offer the UA couldn't refuse. But over the years, the former worlds of the UA found themselves to be net importers more than exporters, and the economy of the region withered. Troubles with the Confederation's trailing neighbor have reversed the flow of money and assets. The Confederation is suspicious of the 17th Disjuncture and has summarily fortified its border.

The Kishadiku Empire was a major trading partner with the Ngath Confederation since the latter's formation. The worlds along the Dhanguerr arm were the main beneficiaries of this relationship so when it was decreed that the empire was joining the 17th Disjuncture, some of these worlds rebelled. They saw no reason to forego the good life they enjoyed and treat their neighbors as enemies.

Nowhere was this attitude more prevalent than on Zekusgha (2034). Being the primary point of contact with the Ngath Confederation, and with few resources of their own, they were economically tied to them. The might of the empire was brought to bear on the world in the harshest of terms. The world was made an example of with the emperor's new zero tolerance policy. Several orbital habitats along with the starport were destroyed, leaving a meager downport for the surviving populace to rely on. Voedzlloer (2335) suffered a similar fate. Other worlds were quick to fall in line after the punishment of this pair was made public.

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MT: The Flaming Eye.

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