Göran Damburg used to host Roger Myhre's work on Gvurrdon. Unfortunately, Göran's Signal GK website is gone. All is not lost as Roger's work has been archived in a few spots on the Web. For those of you unfamiliar with Roger's work, it is a TNE adaptation of the material presented in CT Alien Module 3: The Vargr. Other print sources include Vilani and Vargr and MegaTraveller Journal issue #2.

I list two of the most well preserved archives below:

Berka built a sector index map of the Traveller universe using the data presented in Jim Vassilakos' GALACTIC Program. Roger's work for Gvurrdon is contained therein and so it was included in Berka's work.

Sector Data for 1120   |   Sector Data for 1202

Be sure to click on "Gvurrdon Sector General Information" in order to get all of Roger's Library Data.

Joe Heck's Missouri Archive is also home to Roger's work, as it was initially published to the TML years ago. The entire archive is located here. Since there is no way to figure out which link goes to which document, I've presented them below:

And here is Roger's sector map for Gvurrdon in TNE.

Gvurrdon Sector: 1202