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Alpha Crucis

During the Imperial-Solomani era, the sector was known as 'Alpha Crucis', even though the bright star by that name is located in another sector entirely. How the name came about is not exactly known, though there is no shortage of theories and legends. One holds that some faceless bureaucrat during the Second Imperium misnamed the sector on a set of official star charts and the name stuck there after. Another substitutes the name of a little known Terran Confederation scout who is supposed to have mislabelled the sector during a routine mapping mission. The most scholarly of the theories connects the name with the settlers of Turin, who made references to the "First Cross" (the crucification cross of Jesus of Nazareth) in some ancient manuscripts when talking about the region of space around their world.

However the name came about, most inhabitants of the sector and Terran explorers now refer to it as "Alpha Leonis", named for a bright star that is actually located there. When reading manuscripts from the Imperial-Solomani era and from the New Era, be aware that "Alpha Crucis" and "Alpha Leonis" actually refer to the same sector of space.

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