David Drazul


6/4/20: And last but not least, the new cover is available on the print edition.

4/24/20: The new cover is now available on Nook! Smashwords has many other formats. For more info, read the blog post.

4/22/20: The new cover is now available on Kindle. For more info, read the blog post.

4/17/20: Have a look at the new cover for Armistice Day!

3/31/20: My father died, then Neil Peart died, and now there's a global pandemic. I've been emotionally adrift without a compass, and clouds have blot out the sun and stars. It's difficult not to be overcome by gloom and surrender to the abyss.

Until I can find a way back to writing, I've set to getting a new cover for Armistice Day and an author page on the dreaded Facebook.

11/21/19: 40,000 words!

Hit it last night. I'd basically gone over two months without writing as life got busy and only recently made the time and murdered my excuses. Looking back to when my last milestone was, I cringe.

9/2/19: Two days of writing: one of 350 words, one of 600. Both in the same chapter.

7/24/19: Got another 500 words, primarily the intro to the meat of a chapter. Provides background for a major decision by a leading character.

7/23/19: A good day yesterday. 1,000+ words! Resolved an interrogation chapter which led me to discover new characters and twists to the conspiracy I hadn't considered before.

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