Sodzerz RA10-K Assault Rifle

Sodzerz Defense Systems (SDS) is a large vargr corporation operating along the Imperial border sectors of the Extents: Provence, Windhorn, and Meshan. While a substantial portion of their business came from reverse engineering the more popular Imperial weapons that they could get their paws on, they conducted some research of their own. The RA10-K assault rifle is one of those weapons.

Corsairs, much like mercenaries in the Imperium, have been legitimate military professionals in the Extents since vargr invented the jump drive. Just like mercenaries and state militaries, they have equipment needs, too. And SDS, like any smart corporation, listens to the needs of their customers.

There was a need for a weapon with the punch of an assault rifle but could operate in a tight quarters environment like a submachine gun. Said weapon would also have to be useful in more open environments. The RA10-K was designed to fill that need.

The RA10-K has the stopping power and range of an assault rifle, but the overall weapon length is a mere 61 cm (24 in), making it suitable for boarding actions.

Early prototypes were constructed using crystaliron, but even with the use of a muzzle break, the recoil proved to be too much for the lightweight weapon. As the weapon was intended to be developed at TL-A facilities, there was thought to adding further recoil compensating hardware. Instead, SDS retrofitted the weapon with hard steel rather than increasing production costs. The added heft provided sufficient weight to damped the recoil to acceptable levels.

The RA10-K utilizes a 7.92 mm x 33 mm straight, caseless round. Advanced materials and manufacturing techniques have improved the lethality of the round without having to rely on necked cartridges, thus keeping recoil and cost down. A 30-round magazine is standard.


Tech Level:Early Stellar (10)
Weapon Type:Light self-loading longarm
Ammunition:7x33 mm TL-10 straight caseless
Muzzle Energy:1629 J (Tranq: 977 J)
Weapon Length:61 cm
Weapon Mass:3.371 kg loaded, 2.357 kg empty.
Weapon Price:818 cr
Magazine Mass:1.014 kg loaded, 0.672 kg empty.
Magazine Price:2 cr (30-round box)
Ammo Price: 0.23 Cr (Ball), 0.46 Cr (DS, HE, Tranq), 0.69 Cr (HEAP)
Ammo Mass:11.4 g each; 0.57 kg for box of 50
Features: Bullpup stock, optic sight, long muzzle brake.
Accessories: Laser Sight (300 cr)

Traveller: TNE Combat Stats
TypeROFDamValPenRtgBulk MagazineRecoilShort Range
Ball3/531-Nil430m 1/2/3100 (98.4)
DS3/531-1-Nil430m 1/2/3120 (118.1)
HE3/54Nil430m 1/2/370 (73.8)
HEAP3/542-2-2430m 1/2/370 (73.8)
Tranq3/5-1*Nil430m 1/1/230 (59)


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