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What's New:  


Added "Descent to Gungaerrg", "Gungaerrg Downport", and "Leaving Gungaerrg" to the A Light in the Windhorn Rift game log.


Added the RA10-K assault rifle to the Equipment section.


Added "Planning Verroel's Rescue" and "Fi Leaves Roetingaz" to the Wandering Wolves game log.


In the last four weeks, some idiot or jerk decided that they'd continue to use the Dice Roller with email to roll dice but not fill in an email address. 500 times. Bastard made me actually code. So now I put in a simple script that checks to see if you've filled in a target email address for your dice roll.
Added "At the Shur Thing Club" to the Flaming Eye game log.


Added "Joe's Debriefing", "Zaeng", and "Arrival in Gungaerrg System" to the A Light in the Windhorn Rift game log.

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