Armistice Day Now Available at Lower Price

Armistice DayI’m happy to say that Armistice Day is now available for $10. That’s 35.8% less than its original price!

How did I do that? By switching printers.

CreateSpace, the print publishing arm of Amazon, offers indie authors a less expensive platform with which to offer their work. This really isn’t news. Thousands of indie authors have been using CreateSpace for years. I started using them this year with my short story collection, We’ll Watch the Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea. I was pleased by the results there and calculated that I could switch Armistice Day over and significantly drop the price.

Now, I don’t know if CreateSpace is more efficient than my previous printer (Lulu) or getting kickbacks from its parent company (Amazon). Frankly, I don’t care. The fact that I can significantly drop the retail price of my book without sacrificing distribution or quality is all the reason I need.


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I'm a stay-at-home Dad who survived dotcom burnout and a chemical engineering career that fizzled. While the kids are in school, I'm free to write stories. I'm a rational environmentalist, science and technology enthusiast, who leans libertarian, reads and watches sci-fi, drinks and brews beer, and listens to metal.
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