Nutmeg Book Festival

Nutmeg Book Festival logoOn Saturday, November 23rd, I’ll be participating in the Nutmeg Book Festival. Twenty local authors will be gathering at the New Milford Train Station in downtown New Milford. We range from indie to small press and the traditionally published.

I’ll be selling copies of both of my books: We’ll Watch the Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea and Armistice Day.

This is my first book festival. I have no idea what to expect, but the cynic in me would say something if I didn’t have him bound and gagged. Will it be like a con? I haven’t been to one since college, and that was for records. Yes, vinyl.

And I’m going to be alone. My son has a hockey game in Central Park that day so my family is bailing on me. Can you believe that? They’d rather travel to NYC to watch Pee Wee hockey than visit me at a book festival up in New Milford. I just don’t understand people. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to celebrate the success of the day by myself. I think there’s a bar on the other side of the tracks. 😉


About DED

I'm a stay-at-home Dad who survived dotcom burnout and a chemical engineering career that fizzled. While the kids are in school, I'm free to write stories. I'm a rational environmentalist, science and technology enthusiast, who leans libertarian, reads and watches sci-fi, drinks and brews beer, and listens to metal.
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