New Editing Assignment

Muses of RomaI’ve just begun editing the first book in Rob Steiner’s new series, Muses Of Roma. It’s an alt history epic where the Roman Empire didn’t fall, but instead, reached the stars.

The picture at left is the working cover that Steiner commissioned for the book.

Here’s what Steiner had to say about the cover:

For this cover, I worked with professional illustrator Stone Perales. My idea was to combine something iconically Roman with an anachronism that told readers it was alternate history.

The result: Mark Antony holding a musket while looking down on his Legions as they sack Rome.

Stone did a wonderful job capturing the ethereal look on Antony’s face and the subtle detailing of his armor. My hope is that readers will see the cover and think, “Why is that ancient Roman soldier holding a musket? I’ve got to read this book to find out!”

Having read the Prologue, I definitely want to find out.


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