David Drazul


3/5/18: Weird weather here in the second half of winter, now spring. We had days in 60s and even 70, but now we're back into the 30s. I'll be impressed if the flower bulbs my daughter and I planted last fall survive. They started coming up a month ago and are showing signs of freezer burn.

But enough of the bad. I've been writing! I hit the 30,000 word milestone late last week. Yay!

1/29/18: The last two months are a blur. December had its usual holiday fare, but my son's wrist was broken during hockey practice, so that added an extra layer of complexity to life. The carpeting was installed in early January. Since then, I don't know.

Whenever I'm away from writing for an extended period of time, I find that I have to spend a bit of time steeping my mind in the story before I can write anything new. So there's been that. Just as steam locomotives don't get going until the boiler is all fired up, so too goes my writing.

11/20/17: Finished the foyer work, got a late start on brewing the annual winter porter, waiting for that estimate on carpeting, and Thanksgiving is just a stone's throw away. Christmas is on the horizon. So maybe I can get back to writing soon. Maybe.

10/10/17: The summer wasn't all bad. I got to catch the eclipse, and that was just plain amazing. But I am still working on flood repairs. The foyer floor and base moulding are done, working on the closet doors now.

9/9/17: What a summer it's been! Actually, it's been a pain in the ass. Oh, the weather was fine. I was busy, but not in a good way. Read on if you want to know why I've been more quiet than usual. I was even too tired to read most nights.

6/6/17: May was not a good month for writing. The weather finally improved, and so I found the need to get outside to work. I finished the other half of the retaining wall, planted bushes and flowers, spread some gravel and mulch, built a new kindling box (from scrap wood, of course), and got started on the wood pile for next winter. So it's not like I was idle, just busy on non-literary things.

I'm cross-posting my book reviews from Goodreads to my blog, but I'm not going to make announcements about that here. If you like my book reviews—or just want to know what I'm reading—just look in either location.

5/1/17: If you're seeing this message, then my webhost transfer was successful. Yay!

My new webhost is Stablehost; my old one was FatCow. Why the switch? Well, besides the SiteLock issues, cost did it. I was facing another rate increase this summer. It would've brought the cost increases up an additional 80% from what they were seven years ago. I couldn't justify that. If all goes well at Stablehost, I should be able to knock my costs down to a third of that.

April was a good month for writing. I increased my word count by over 10%. As I filled in these added details, it revealed more of the path forward. I'm very much a pantser, someone who literally writes by the seat of their pants. Outlines don't really cut it for me. I typically know where I'm starting and where I want to end up. While I know a few parts along the way, it's very much the view one gets at 10,000 feet.

I find the path as I write. The more I write, the more is revealed.

4/3/17: Launched The Sanitarium on Saturn, my new PR blog feed, on Friday and linked it to Goodreads, Amazon, and Smashwords over the weekend. I'm still playing with the look of it, and I have to add a lot more side column stuff, but I'm pleased that setting it up went without a hitch.

I forgot to mention that I finished editing Rob's latest book, and I've been finding time to write.

3/31/17: Had to delete Launchpad, my WordPress blog. I've been getting regular complaints from SiteLock, a security partner for my webhost (FatCow), that my site contains malware. The very first time, tech support at FatCow (SiteLock won't take any corrective action unless I sign up for their service) found a few WordPress files. I deleted them. Since then, no files have ever been found to be a problem. Coincidental WordPress updates tend to silence the alerts.

WordPress is also partnered with FatCow, so I'm caught in the middle between two partners butting heads. When I went to login to the WordPress control panel today to correct the latest complaint, I couldn't establish a secure connection, and Firefox freaked out. I'm tired of this bullshit, so I just FTP'd in and deleted all of the WordPress files. My feeds to GoodReads, Amazon, and Smashwords will crash, but I don't care anymore. I'll find a new blog and re-establish the feeds later.

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