David Drazul


3/21/19: Wrote 900+ words for Gateway a couple days ago. Filled in the dialogue for a confrontation scene that I'd been unsure how to develop. It just rolled on out. It wasn't a moment of epiphany. I just forced myself to start typing. And once I started, I just kept right on going until I finished the chapter.

Here's to more days like that one. \_/

3/15/19: Not much to add. Winter seems done. The late snow is melting, revealing the ice beneath. No real work accomplished on Gateway. Managed to start working on a short story. Looked at a potential new cover for Armistice Day.

Yes, life is keeping me busy.

And yes, my lack of progress is eating away at me. I don't know how to make it stop.

1/4/19: Yep, I survived the 2018 holiday season. Three months of prepping for not only holidays, but birthdays as well. Woo boy, I'm exhausted. Still catching up on lost sleep, and now I need to lose ten pounds. Seriously. Twenty would be better.

Unfortunately, the fourth quarter of 2018 was a bust for writing. There hasn't been time. I completely understand why some writers run away to remote locations or hide themselves to get work done. I love my family and friends, but maintaining healthy, happy relationships requires time and presence. So, writing is neglected. And as I watch the pages on the calendar flip by on the breeze of time, I try really hard not to let it eat away at me.

Here's to a more productive 2019.

9/19/18: It's been the soggiest of summers. Lots of humidity. Like sub-tropical, dew points in the low 70's humidity. Plenty of rain, too. Probably the most we've had to use the AC since living here. And the mosquitoes! Holy crap! Not only could we not be out at night (still can't), but they even attacked me during the day.

As for writing, well, the slow pace continues. I hit 35,000 words yesterday. Closed a plot hole, too, which was nice. But yeah, six months to write 5,000 words? Ugh. But I realized something positive yesterday. I was initially concerned about having enough story to get to novel length. Not any more. There's enough story arc still to write that 50,000 words isn't going to be a problem.

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